This year we are doing something new and doing our main Family 50 States trip in the fall.  However, we worked in Washington on a tour to see family in California.
 We left Friday after Max got off work and ended up in Seattle very late.  You have to be Sleepless in Seattle, right?  Hailey had literally just flown from California to Phoenix before we took off to Seattle.  The teens from our church went to engage with kids in need in LA.  If it weren't for Uncle John and Aunt Cheryl, she would have never been able to go.  Not going to beach camp is in the same category as pulling her fingernails out.    So we owe them big time for taking her to the airport.
After a long night of waiting for bags and waiting for a shuttle we finally got to bed.  A few hours later, the Space Needle was our first priority for the day.
 Karlie is pretty afraid of heights and was a bit nervous about going to the top.  But once again she faced her fear and was glad she did.
 At the top they had an interactive map that detailed where the millions of visitors had traveled from.  MKHKKH traveled 1,110 miles from Scottsdale to visit the Space Needle!
It was beautiful at the top but a bit cloudy.  We were just grateful we were missing the notorious Seattle rain.  That was a sight we were not interested in seeing.
 A fun and memorable trip to the Space Needle.
 After the Space Needle, I think Starbucks might be the next most iconic part of Seattle.
Max had told the kids there would be a Starbucks on every street corner.  They were disappointed that we only saw two within our mile walk to Pike Place Market.
We did find the original Starbucks.
Being 4th of July weekend Pike Place Market was a zoo.  We felt like sardines.  It was nice to buy some local products like Rainier cherries and to have lunch with fresh fish from the market.  The kids enjoyed the the ugly fish.  We were hoping to see them toss fish but probably were not there earlier enough.

We packed our morning full of Washington sights, smells and tastes.  It was time to head toward Oregon.

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