We continued on down south to Chico where Max's sister Anna lives.  It is funny our sisters ended up only an hour away from each other.
It was really nice to see Anna and play around Chico.  I remember driving to see her for the first time when I was pregnant with Hank and being so car sick.  This was a far better drive!
 We visited Birdwell Park, which has to be one of the coolest parks we have ever visited.  They had a fantastic playground but the lay out of the park was what made it special.
 Huge trees towered above giving us shade.  With a slight breeze it was delightful sitting and watching the kids burn off some energy.  The park has a concrete pool with the Big Chico Creek flowing through it.  It was like a creek pool but with life guards and sides to sit on.  Really neat!
We swung by Sierra Nevada Brewery on our way back to Anna's.  It would be fun to do the tour without the kids one day. :)  Sierra Nevada is one of Max's favorite beers.

Anna's friend Clinton came over to help prepare a feast fit for royalty.  
 We had a delicious dinner and blue Rice Crispy treats!
Clinton provided our first snake holding for most of the family.  While Max had a snake growing up, the rest of us had never held one.  The kids were all excited to hold the albino corn snake.  
I however was not excited at all.  Snakes freak me out.  I am always telling the kids to face their fears and give something a try if the opportunity presents itself.  So there I was stuck with my own words.
 The kids and Max had him slither all over their bodies and loved his soft scales.  I held him for the least amount of time possible and gently handed him off.  Held a snake and still don't like them.  Of course the kids all started saying they wanted a pet snake!  Eek!
 The next day we were off to Pops and Nana's house.  But first we had to try Dutch Bros.  We were suppose to try it in Oregon but never found one.  Kaitlin and Hank decided to stick with Starbucks Fraps for their road trip treat.
We had a great time visiting Aunt Anna and hanging out in Chico.

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