Crazy Week At Home

Max and I flew back to San Francisco to collect the kids from the self named "Bad Babysitters!"  While we were relaxing Nana and Pops worked their tails off entertaining the kids with beach trips, kayaking, visits to the art museum, and a day at the movies!  The kids love staying with the "Bad Babysitters."
However, after 16 days of being on vacation, everyone was excited to get home!  I am not sure I have seen Hailey so excited. :)

 I always say we are not going to be as busy the next summer as we were the last summer.  Yet, I seem to find away to cram our summers full every year.  We had volunteered to throw the midweek summer party for our church's youth group on Wednesday.  I was rushing around to get us all unpacked and then party ready by Wednesday.  We ended up with about 35 kids for dinner and swimming!
My family decided last minute to make a quick trip out for the weekend for one last summer getaway.  So we were company ready by Friday, even if they did have to eat left overs from the party.
 It was a weekend of cousins playing while my sister Kerrie did a ton of exploring the Phoenix metro area as she looks to move here in the near future!
 We managed to fit in a little back to school shopping and a feast with Great Grandpa!  It is always a special time when you get 4 generations together!
On Tuesday Max took a gaggle of girls to the Twenty One Pilots concert.  This is Hailey's favorite band and a eagerly anticipated night!  Hailey was on cloud 9 when they got home!  Max is such a good sport staying out until close to 1 am and then out to work the next morning.
Wednesday was a going away girls night out for my good friend that was taking off for Spain to spend the year studying abroad.  She has four kids too and is Super Mom!  This gal does it all.  I am worried Scottsdale will fall apart without her and I will miss her dearly.
It was not the best night to be out late having a good time with the girls.  A 6 am departure for Colorful Colorado was waiting for me.  Not to mention a weeks worth of meals and packing! Who needs sleep?  It's Colorado or Bust!

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