First Day of School 2016!

The summer flew by!  I can't believe it is already back to school time. :(
It was a bit of a rude awaking with everyone up and bustling about by 6am.
Hailey was very excited to see her friends.  She has turned into quite the social butterfly this year.  I have a feeling she is going to have a great 10th grade year.
 Karlie was also ready to return to school to meet her teachers and see her friends.  Those long legs got her dress coded the first period of school!  Nothing like getting in trouble on the first day!  With one year of middle school under her belt, she is ready to crush it again this year.
 Kaitlin is always the one I worry about.  She started to to get a stomach ache the week before school started.  Every year she ends up in tears as she says goodbye to me.  She hates change and has always been very close to me.  I couldn't leave her in the Sunday school until she was 3 years old because she would cry continuously until they called me.  She asked me not to give her a hug or say goodbye this year.  Instead we would just high five until the afternoon.  Neither of us cried this year!  I guess we are both growing up. :(
Hank couldn't wait to see his best buddy Nick!  They have been in class together since preschool.  They planned on wearing their Steph Curry jerseys for the first day.  Hank is really growing physically and academically.  I know 3rd grade will be a big year for him.
 I on the other hand was not at all excited about back to school.  Packing lunches vs snuggled in my bed sipping coffee, there was no contest of where I would rather be.  Over the summer I had my buddies to play with; now their is no escaping the very, very, long list of chores I had been ignoring.
 This is the last year these two will be in elementary school together.  Kaitlin is the big queen on campus as a 5th grader!  It was so nice to see all their friends and great teachers.  I love how warm and caring their school is.
I had to laugh when I reached 10,000 steps on my Fitbit before noon.  I looked back over my summer and only reached 10K 14 days out of 73.  No wonder I love summer so much.  Since Hailey had a half day she made our traditional back to school chocolate chip cookies.  A sweet ending to a bitter sweet day.

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