Now with the kids back in school I am finding some time to catch up on our summer.  We continued down from Oregon into California.  My oldest sister and her family live in Redding.  We went from one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in Newport, Oregon to likely the worst hotel in Yreka.  It had no elevator but was a 3 story hotel.  We had lots of fun lugging our suitcases that were packed for 2 weeks of travel up the stairs.  The rooms were gross.  We just prayed we didn't get bed bugs and got out of there as fast as possible the next morning.
We planned on meeting my sister at Burney Falls to do a little hike and see the beautiful waterfall.  Since we were so eager to get out of dodge, we endded up arriving a while before them.  So we goofed around and got in trouble by the park ranger for allowing our kids to walk on the street.  Max always take correction from governmental agents so well.  One of these days he is going to get us all in jail!
After my sister Chrysti, Scott, Max, and Titus arrived we took off for the short hike down to the falls.
 So great to see everyone!!
 The falls were gorgeous.  We loved being able to be outside in the summer!  Things a desert rat misses for sure are the sounds of running water and being able to enjoy being outside in the summer months.
 The kids wanted to make their way down the slippery rocks near the falls.  The cool water spray was enough to make us chilled on a 100 degree day.
After the falls we headed to Redding to celebrate the 4th of July!  We had so much fun making merry I forgot to take pictures.  Truly a sign of a good time!
 The next day we spent playing in Whiskey Town Lake.  The kids kayaked and paddle boarded all over the lake.  It is just gorgeous and only 20 minutes from Redding.  It was so fun to relax and watch the cousins play in a picturesque place.
  An ice cream treat was in order after a hot day on the lake.  I have to give a shout out to Coldstone.  They went out of their way to make sure Hank could enjoy an ice cream treat.  They even opened a fresh KitKat so he could have a topping, something he never gets for fear of peanut contamination.  He was so happy, which made me even happier.
It was wonderful to see my sister and her family thriving.  I hate that we are all scattered across the west but it was awesome to see them thriving in their new home.  We can't wait until we see them again.

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