Via La Villa

After Anna's house we continued on down to Pops and Nana's house.  The Villa is full of fun things to do and beautiful things to see.
 We went bowling.  Boy were we bad!  But it is always fun to make a fool of yourself trying. :)
 Everyone got out for a paddle or two.  The weather was perfect.
When Hailey was Hank's age we would tie her boat to one of the adults because we were worried about her flipping or drifting away.  We just let Hank go for it.  Moments like this let you get a snap shot into the evolution of parenting.  Your not so worried and uptight by the fourth because three rounds have already proved they can do it.
We had fun playing at the park down the street.
It is such a treat for us to be outside in the summer.
 Right off the side of the house a dove had made her nest.  She was so tame you could stand right next to her.  She had three little babies.
 Of course there was feasting!
The kids set up a hex bug race one day and had us all wager a bet like horse racing.  It was cute and fun how excited everyone got.
After a few days of playing Max and I had our sights set on Island Time.

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