Beating The Back To School Blues

I am pretty sure I hate going back to school more than the kids do.  Now its back to being the homework and hurry up and go nag.  I have a hard time getting back in the swing of school.  This year we definitely hung on to summer as long as possible in an attempt to beat the back to school blues.
There is no better way to forget about school than being on the lake in a boat with your buddies while country music is blaring in the background.  We always have so much fun wake surfing, water skiing, and tubing with Bill, Aimee and the kids.
Every August we celebrate the kids' summer reading accomplishments by going to a back to school Benihana bash.
This is their favorite place to go for special occasions and we always have a fun and memorable night.
Luckily summer doesn't actually end here in the desert until about Halloween, so we have plenty of hot weekend days to play by the pool and try to forget about school on Monday.  With the Olympics on this August we had many swim races, synchronized swimming, and Micheal Phelps dreamers.
The first month of school our church has a youth RACE.  They have four teams and the kids compete each week for points to see what team can win the RACE.  Hailey and Karlie were on the Black Lions with their friends.  
They get so pumped up and excited.  Every Saturday night the girls would get together to do their make up and get ready for the RACE.  The Black Lions dominated and won!  The RACE helped ease the pain of not being able to hang with friends all the time due to school.
We can always eat our feelings and try to push the back-to-school blues away with the various National Food Days.  Hailey was having a hard day at school and was thrilled to find a peach pie waiting for her on National Peach Pie Day.
National Waffle Day seems like a good excuse for breakfast for dinner and lots of whipped cream.
National Salami Day led to this masterpiece by chef Max.  We have officially reached polishing off an entire sandwich.  It will be crazy to start making two of these!
The kids decided to fill the bath tub with pillows and make it into a couch to hang out with Max and me while we got ready to go to a function.  I love my little gang so much.  You can see why I have a serious case of back to school blues.  Luckily the kids are setting a good example for their mother and we are making it one day at a time.  With their positive attitude I can face making lunches every morning and nagging every night to do their homework, chores and go to bed.  I can practice my math too.  Only 240 days until schools out! :)

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