Date With Each Kid

With school starting back up and all the crazy hustle and bustle that goes along with it, we decided to take each one of the kids on a special date with Mom and Dad.  Having four kids makes it difficult to find time to carve out one to one time.  But it is so nice for us and them when we make it happen.  They each got to choose something they would like to do with us.  I love how different each one was.
 Hank is a big football fan and thought it would be fun to go to a Cardinals game.  I am a Groupon lover and got some very special nose bleed seats at a preseason game.  :) I couldn't believe what a deal they were, and then it became clear when we got there.  We were in the Oakland Raiders section about 10 seats from the tippy top!  Hank didn't care.  He was all about the treats.  At half time he was falling asleep (we were too) so we decided to call it a day.  He loved seeing Larry Fitzgerald and it was a good experience.  We learned watching football at home on the couch is way better!
 Karlie might grow up to be an engineer.  She loves puzzles, electronics, and science.  She wanted to do an Escape The Room date.  You are given clues to unlock a series of keys and more clues until you find the key to let you out of the room.  There are many different themes and you have an hour to solve it.  Max and I had done one with our friends and failed to get out of the room.  We were with some very smart people and still failed.  Karlie is very determined and we warned her not to get her hopes up that we would escape the room.  She researched all the different themes and watched the bookings carefully to find the time least likely to have any other participants because she wanted to do it with just us.  We booked it on a Sunday afternoon and only had 2 other people in the room with us.  Karlie took the lead in the game and we managed to break the code and escape with the treasure!!  Queen Anne's Revenge has a only a 24% escape rate.  Karlie was thrilled!
 For Hailey's date of course art would be worked into it.  We went to Brush Bar where over two hours you follow the artist in creating your own masterpiece.  No one could believe Hailey was 15 and numerous people came to admire her painting and took pictures of it.  Her clouds actually looked like desert sunset clouds where mine looked like someone spilled Peto-Bismol all over my painting. :)  While the painting was fun, it was more fun for me to watch Hailey shine.  She is so comfortable with adults and really has that creative passion of an artist.  She is growing into a wonderful woman that makes us so proud.  It was a great night and she still had time to go out with her friends when we got back.
Our final date was with Kaitlin.  She loves watching the Diamondbacks with Daddy.  She especially loves Goldie.  She knew she wanted to go to a Dbacks game on her date.  We had so much fun pigging out on Sonoran Dogs, Churrodogs, and whole peanuts.  Due to Hank's nut allergy Kaitlin had never cracked peanuts and eaten them.  It was a real treat.  The Dbacks have not had the best season so we feel pretty lucky that we were at a game where they won 13-2!  On Sundays after the game the kids get to run the bases and Kaitlin decided to race the two boys in front of us.  She had a big old smile as she hit home before them. :) We had a wonderful day at the ballpark.  Taking each of the kids on date was a home run for sure.

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