Rocky Mountain High

One of our favorite things to do in Telluride is to drive to the top of Last Dollar road and shoot clays.
The views are incredible and unlike anywhere I have ver been.
You really feel like you are on top of the world.
This year was much busier than past years and we did not want to disturb the peace for all the other people coming to see the views.
So we had a picnic and really soaked up the views while listening to the Aspen leaves whisper.
Finally when all the people had cleared we took our shots.
I love to do some red necking with my cowboy!!
He is a great and safe teacher.
All of our kids have a healthy respect for guns and how dangerous they are.
Max is very rigid when it comes to gun safety.  Everyone wears ear and eye protection.  However, it appears shirts are optional.  :)
 Max always puts out a firing line that no one except the shooters can cross.  We feel strongly in educating the kids about the safety of guns so if they ever come across one at a friends they know what to do.  Get away and get the parents!  But we also want them to experience the thrill and fun of blowing stuff up!
The weather was glorious, the picnic perfect, and the shooting fun.  We had a natural Rocky Mountain high for sure.
Little did we know that heading down the hill would be the beginning of our Telluride decline in more than one way.  It started with a flat tire on a 4 wheel drive trail.  Not the best places to change a flat tire.  Max managed to find a relatively flat spot to change it.  The kids loved the spot and enjoyed playing in the Aspen grove.
We thought our troubles were over after the flat.  Boy were we wrong.

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