Rocky Mountain Low

After our day up on Last Dollar road I started to get a headache so I went to bed early.  All through the night my body was so sore and I was thinking to myself, man I have tell the owners that this mattress is terrible.  The whole night I was tossing and turning in pain blaming the bed for my aches and pains.
Max woke up and found Hank downstairs crying with a headache.  He tried fixing him some breakfast to no avail.  They come up to bed with me and Max confessed he felt terrible too.  About 5 minutes later Kaitlin came up crying that her head hurt.  Another 10 minutes brought a crying Karlie. We were all in bed with a fever and body aches.  Hailey eventually woke suffering as well.  We spent the entire day sleeping and fitfully resting while Nana and Pops waited in fear for the terrible headache to start up.
Luckily they never got it!  I think Nana's homemade chicken soup helped us recover quickly.  It sure felt like the flu but only lasted two days.  On the second day, which was the last day of our vacation, even though we were not 100% Max was determined to no waste another vacation day.
I wanted to go to town and get some souvenirs.  At the edge of the town is a beautiful little hike to a waterfall.
After shopping Max was on a mission to hike it.  He was in flip flops and Nana in sandals.  But there was no stopping him. :)
It was a gorgeous hike and under healthy circumstances would have been a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  However the additional exertion left the kids feeling sick again.  We thought maybe some ice cream would boost them up.  When Hank declined any ice cream I knew he was certainly sick!
We got home and he was out.  The rest of us were pretty wiped too.  Max was concerned how he was going to drive for 8 hours the next day.
Another night of night sweats and we mostly cleared the virus.  Being sick stinks, being sick on vacation really stinks!
Over eight hours the change in landscape is so dramatic and beautiful.  I just love the road to Telluride, but this time I really loved the road home.  Until next time Telluride.

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