Summer Swim Team

This year the three younger kids got to participate in the city's summer swim team.  Two of our close family friends did it too which made it all the more fun.  It was like a play date every morning.
I loved watching my little fish swim.  They learned so much swimming everyday.
Each race they earned a ribbon.  They won many seconds and thirds and few blues!  Poor Karlie was in the older age group and had to compete against 16 year olds that had been doing swim team their whole life.  But she swam her heart out each race.  Hank's best stroke was freestyle while Kaitlin did the best in breast stroke and Karlie is great at back stroke.  Butterfly was the hardest event for everyone.
It was a great way to spend our 100 plus degree mornings.  While the kids were in swim practice I did water aerobics.  Those seniors citizens could kick my butt.  It is harder than it looks!
After spending the summer swimming and then watching the Olympics we were all a little more impressed with the speed and grace of Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky.  They are truly a wonder.  On the weekends playing in the pool at home Hank would  pretend to be Michael Phelps and the kids would race each other.  I think they have inspired a generation and changed the sport of swimming.  I hope my little fish will just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

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