For our final vacation of the summer we took off for Telluride.
No one is ever happy about the 6am departure for our eight hour drive, however everyone is thrilled to get there and take our celebratory arrival gondola ride.

 There is just something special about those rides.
 Little and big kids alike love the peaceful ride up the mountain.
 We were treated to a porcupine  walking along the trail next to us.  The wild flowers were in full bloom.  Telluride is full of beauty everywhere you look.
 The one thing the kids really wanted to do more of this year was fishing.  
So on our first day we returned to Alta Lakes and had a back up plan to go to the stocked kids fishing pond in town if they didn't catch anything.
It was a day unlike any time we have been fishing!  The kids were reeling them in left and right.

Hailey felt sorry for the fish.
 It is such a gorgeous lake.
 The fish were literally jumping out of the water!
 The kids each pulled in three rainbow trout ranging in size from 10 to 14 inches.
 Beauty everywhere I looked.  :)
We were hoping to have a trout appetizer but ended up with more than we could eat!

We told the kids to savor this day because they may never have a fishing day like this again in their life.
 We stopped at an abandoned mining sites on our way back from the lake.
 It was strange to think a little over a 100 years ago that place was a thriving community of miners.  We had fun exploring all the deteriorating buildings.
Karlie loves to clean fish!  She and Pops had their work cut out for them.
Of course half the fun is playing with the fish heads.  We had a feast but learned the kids like catching the fish more than eating the fish.  Luckily Pops knows how to put away the fish and not a one was wasted.  Our first day in Telluride was hard to beat.

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