Top 40 Under 40

At the end of September Max was recognized with an award for being one of the top 40 pathologist under 40 years old in the nation!  We got to go to Las Vegas for the award.  The most common remark Max's peers have said was that they were not surprised he was in the top 40 but that he was still under 40 with all he has accomplished!
 We were assuming the ceremony would take all evening but when we learned it would be over by 7, we decided we had to live it up while in Las Vegas!  Pitbull was performing and there were still tickets available.  So we figured that is about as Vegas as we can get.
The show was very Vegas indeed.  We must be getting old or prude because at times it seemed a little over the top even for Vegas.  We had fun dancing and watching Pitbull run around and jazz up the crowd.  But after a long day we could barely keep our eyes open even with music blasting and nearly naked ladies dancing around.  We had dreams of going clubbing after the show and really staying up past our bedtime of 9 pm.  :)  However, were fast asleep by midnight.  We might be under 40 but I think we got to bed more like 80.  I am so proud of Max.  He puts everything he has into being a wonderful husband and father, clearly he does so at work too.  I can't wait to see what he does in the next 40.

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