Halloween Happenings

 I am still trying to figure out how we are more busy now then the all time consuming baby and toddler years.  I guess with all of their activates we are always on the move, which leaves me little time to blog.  I will have to put all the fun of October in one post.
October was full of festive activities and many treats.  We had our pool pumpkin patch.

The weekend before Halloween the big girls' student life had a Halloween party.  
Karlie dressed up as the joker and Hailey did a wonderfully spooky work of art on her face!
 Always have to celebrate National Chocolate Cupcake Day!
 Max turned Daddy Oatmeal into a special Halloween version one morning.
This is the only time of year my kale smoothies are appropriate.  We called them Frankenstein Juice.
 This eggless pumpkin cheesecake is made by replacing the eggs with flax seed.  Everyone loves it and you would never guess that it is eggless.
 Spooky eyeball salad allowed us to have one token healthy Halloween treat.
I tried making Jack O'lantern bell peppers.  While the peppers were adorable, I need to work on the stuffing for next year.  It was too bland.  But they get points for cuteness!
 We had a very busy Halloween weekend and squeezed in carving pumpkins on Sunday afternoon.
 Karlie had a blast washing out her pumpkin and making him throw up and spray water out of his nose.  She can always make us laugh.
 Max enjoyed drilling his pumpkin and Pops won best face while Hailey won most creative.
 They had a spooktacular lunch on Halloween!
 Everyone was excited for the fun day ahead.
I made some egg free cupcakes for Hank for his class party.
I was in charge of running both of the kids' parties this year.  In Kaitlin's class we made slime and decorated cookies.  Kids love slime!!
 My little pumpkin.
Right after I finished Kaitlin's party I rushed off to run Hank's.  His class played make a mummy and pass the pumpkin.  It was a wild and messy hour.
 Our friends invited us to a Halloween party that night where we walked miles collecting candy.  Hailey was off watching Ghostbusters with her friends, Karlie and her buddy painted on scary faces, and Hank and Kaitlin put aside their difference on the dark side to Trick or Treat. :)  
Mummy was very tired by bedtime but the little goblins appeared to have enough energy to go on into the next galaxy.
Pops and Nana attend our church Trunk or Treat with us on Sunday.  They were good sports and dressed up as Han Solo and Princess Leia.  Max was Darth Vader, I was a Stormtrooper, Hailey was Padme, Karlie was the younger Princess Leia, Kaitlin was Rey, and Hank was Kylo Ren.  We decorated our trunk in a Star Wars theme and helped pass out candy to 2,500 Trick or Treaters!  It was by far and away the biggest turn out our church has ever had.  I also participated in the chili cook off but did not win.  I am sure it was rigged. ;)  This Halloween season was a force to be reckoned with for sure.

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