Homecoming 2016

Right in the middle of the many Halloween festivities last weekend was also Homecoming for Hailey!
 We had some fun mother daughter time primping and getting our nails done on Saturday morning.
 The three younger kids spent the afternoon getting my bathroom ready for the hair and makeup invasion to come.  They made signs saying Homecoming 2016 with all the girls' names on it.  They made a refreshment station.  They the girls' favorite band playing on Karlie's iPad and of course set up the hair  and makeup stations.  Four of Hailey's friends came over to get ready together.  They were all so giggly and excited!
 We were suppose to meet the rest of the group and the parents for pictures at the Fountain Hills Fountain at 5pm.  At 4:45pm I went in to see if they were ready and only one girl had her dress on and they were all still doing hair and make-up.
As we were rushing to get out of the house one of the girls completely wiped out and skinned up her leg.  After many nurses tended to her, we were finally off.  But despite my lead foot we still didn't get their until 5:30pm.  It was a race against the sunset to get the pictures done.

 Hailey has blossomed so much since last year where she thought she would never go to another Homecoming dance again.  She has made this wonderful and tight-knit group of friends through church that she has a ball with.
 The whole group ate dinner at one of the boy's house and then went to off to the dance.  Hailey was having so much fun dancing a friend from school stopped her and asked her if she had been drinking because she was dancing so wild and out of character. :)
 The girls all had a sleepover after the dance and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning swimming and hanging out.  Hailey had gotten about five hours of sleep when I picked her up but she was beaming.
 She keeps reminiscing about Homecoming and how she wishes she could go back.
 Hailey is growing into such a beautiful lady and having the time of her life in high school.  Nothing could make Max and me happier than seeing that radiant smile shine from pure joy and happiness bubbling out from the inside.
No matter how grown up and beautiful she gets, she will always be Daddy's little girl.

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