We started our Thanksgiving off by inviting our friends who were in town to come out for a friendly game of flag football.
There were Bloody Mary's for the adults and hot cider for the kids.
It was a beautiful day and I felt so grateful to have all these special people in our lives.  While we were missing family, it was nice to have a group of great friends to share part of the day with.
 If this little lady ever goes missing, I might have taken her and added her to our family.
 After the game we went home to prep the birds for our annual turkey throw down!  I had an undefeated record to maintain and Max was going to try an new grilling method.
 Apparently his new method was a success!  I might have let my bird cook a little long as I was curling my hair.  I had gotten comfortable with my past victories and wasn't paying close attention.  I will have to be better next year!
 His bird was delicious and moist!
 We had a feast for an army and ate so much we were all physically uncomfortable.
 After dinner, Karlie put together a music performance.  The kids all played the piano and violin for us.
After dinner we went to our friend's house for dessert.  I have never been so full!  I was so thankful for so many reasons today.

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