12 Days of Giving ~ Day 2

 Kaitlin loves her hair.  She has been blessed with the hair growing gene.  She grows long, luxurious hair.  Her eyelashes are so long she looks like she has fake ones.  Kaitlin decided a long time ago that she would grow her hair to her rear end and then cut it and donate it to Locks of Love.  She was ready to give up something she has plenty of for a child that has none.
Locks of Love primarily makes wigs for children with alopecia.  This donation did not come without tears.  Kaitlin's hair has been her trade mark and something she really loved.  She was so brave and kept up her smile until the car.  Then the big tears rolled down her cheeks.  Change takes some getting use to, especially for her.  But after going to dinner and putting her hair in a ponytail, she was bouncing around the house and excited to package up her hair for a needy child!
I am so proud of her.  She has a wonderfully big and tender heart.

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