12 Days of Giving ~ Day 3

Our Day 3 of giving was to run the Hope Conquers All Phoenix 5K 2016 Relay For Life benefiting the American Cancer Society.
 Convincing a teenager it is a good idea to give by getting up at 6 am and running a 5K in 48 degree weather is no easy task.  I figured the Advent treat should include gloves to keep their hands warm and a cup of hot cocoa to warm them on the inside.
 I brought a backpack to carry coats and water for the race.  Even with our coats on it was a chilly start to the race!
After a mile the layers started peeling off.
 I was sure missing Max on the race.  Trying to keep track of the two speedsters Kaitlin and Hank and keep encouraging Hailey and Karlie made for a bit of a crazy race.  I kept telling one group to slow down and the other to pick it up.  Karlie and Hailey suffered side cramps, shin splints and a tweaked ankle.
 Once I could see the finish line I told the kids they could give it all they had!  Kaitlin and Hank took off like their life depended on it and sprinted to the end.  Kaitlin is a natural runner and was the pacer for our family.  I think I might have trouble keeping up with her.  She came in first, then Hank, then Karlie, then me and finally Hailey.
We chose to run this race in honor of our dear friend that has brain cancer.  She is a mom just like me.    Way to young to have a brain tumor.  We listened to Katy Perry's song Rise and thought about Anne's fight, her strength, and her victory ahead.  I told the kids to run as hard as they could for Anne.  They had an award ceremony afterward and we all placed first or second in our age group!  It was a great boost for the kids even though Hank, Kaitlin, and Karlie were the only kids running the 5K.  I told them how awesome they were for being the only kids doing it and passing adults!  Hailey had at least 4 girls in her age group.  I was shocked to take first in my age group.  There were a handful of serious runners but most were folks like us just out to run because their lives had been touch by cancer. Hopefully one day these races will no longer exist just like cancer.

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