12 Days of Giving ~ Day 4

On our 4th day of giving we made blankets for Project Linus.  They supply blankets to children in traumatic situations or who are seriously ill.  Their mission is to provide security through hand made blankets.
This is one of our favorite projects to give to.  The kids love picking out soft and fuzzy fabrics that they would love to snuggle up in.  They really give from the heart because they spend their time making beautiful blankets they would love to keep but then give away because they know some other child needs it more.  It is a family project that we all chip in to help each other finish the blankets.  It takes most of one day to get them all done especially as we are running from place to place.  It makes me so happy when I see them jump into help a sibling who's fingers are tiring.  Through giving they are gaining so much.  Hopefully from little hands and big hearts warmth and security will be given.

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