Brace Face Times Three

You really know your kid is growing up when it is time for braces.  Oh how much Kaitlin has grown! She is our tender flower.  She feels things very deeply, so deeply she passed out when Karlie got her ears pierced.  Out of sheer worry for her sister she passed out!  Well, she managed to do fine when she got her own ears pierced but when the big day came to change her earrings she passed out cold.  We had to finish changing them with her on the floor.
Ever since then she would get a little green around the gills if we touched her ears.  Well, at her consultation appointment she had to take her earrings out for the panorama scan.  I told them of her history and had her sit for a while after I took them out.  They took her off to X-ray room and I went to see how Karlie and Hank were doing in the lobby.  A few minutes later they urgently come out and told me they need help with Kaitlin.  The woman was holding her up while Kaitlin was limp as a dead fish.  I lied her down and put her feet up trying to bring her to.  However she had been out so long it was taking a very long time and she sort of seized.  I began giving her sternal rub and told them to call the Dr.  However, just at that moment she came to.  It was the scariest few minutes I have had in a long time.  You can imagine after that episode they wanted to treat Kaitlin very gently!  She got her top braces on first and we will go back in a few weeks for round two.  She handled it like a champ.  I think as long as her ears are not involved it is going to be smooth sailing.

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