Chef Karlie

Karlie loves to cook.  We were lucky enough to be treated to a six course dinner completely created and executed by Karlie and her staff of sous-chefs.
 Karlie carefully researched her courses and made a grocery list of the things she would need.  We went shopping together to get the ingredients.  The night she was cooking she set up a romantic setting in the dining room.  We were to stay there and play cards and chat.  We were not allowed in the kitchen!
The appetizer was a platter of goat cheese, fresh cut pears, and crackers.  Next was the salad course with a homemade Caesar salad that was followed by a made from scratch creamy beet soup.  The fourth course was broiled baguette with a cream cheese and fig spread.  The main course was home made Alfredo sauce and pasta with fresh herbs.  The elegant dinner ended with homemade cupcakes and frosting.  She paired a white wine with the meal.  Kaitlin and Hank helped her and waited on us while she cooked up a storm.  I am pretty sure at her age I didn't even know goat cheese existed, how to bake a box cake mix, or had ever had beet soup or figs.  I felt so lucky.  Not only did she want to spoil us, it was delicious and she did the dishes! What a girl!  Possibly my favorite Christmas gift ever.  If Notre Dame doesn't work out, I am quite sure the culinary schools will be more than happy to take Chef Karlie.

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