Christmas At The Princess

Every year the kids look forward to celebrating the Christmas season at the Princess.
 The resort transforms into a Christmas wonderland with polar slides, a carousel, a Ferris wheel, a train ride, three million Christmas lights, and ice skating.
 It has been fun to watch the festivities evolve over the time we have been here.  It has grown each year to the point where it was an all out event with tons of people this year.  But we still found magic in the evening.  We will just go much earlier in the season next year, not two days before Christmas!
The ice skating is what the kids cherish the most. 
 It is overpriced and was quite crowded this time.  However,  there just seems to be something special about ice skating next to Saguaro cactus with fake snow falling on you.
 We brought two of Hailey's friends along to join in the fun.
 My sweet girls love to ice skate.  They are getting better and hardly fell.
However, Hank the wrecking ball was a terror on the ice.  He seems to not learn from his mistakes and would take off like a steam engine and go crashing full speed into the ice.  Over and over and over.  His pants were soaked by the end of it.  But you couldn't convince him to slow down or get that sweet smile of his face.  I would have needed an ambulance if I fell just once the way he routinely fell but he just kept skating and crashing!
 The grounds are gorgeous.  We took a walk around the whole property to see all the lights.
 The lights on the giant Christmas tree are choreographed to music.  It is mesmerizing. 
It was a fun evening and certainly got us in the mood for Christmas.
 Maybe even an evening fit for a princess.

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