Christmas Eve

We always seem to find ourselves on Christmas Eve without any cookies for Santa.
It might be at the last minute, but we got in decorating cookies.
After cookies it was time to get dressed for church.  It is finally cold enough for a REAL jacket.  All the girls (especially me) were all a twitter about how cute jackets were.  :)
 Our good friends met us there to celebrate the most Holy of Nights.
 It is one of my favorite services to attend and I always cry when we sing Silent Night.
After church we went home to make a feast fit for a king.
 King crab legs, artichokes, pasta and salad.
The kids put an after dinner show together for us.  Karlie always organizes the routine.  She is the Director indeed.
Hank was the comic relief and told jokes in between the musical performances.
Karlie played some beautiful violin pieces, while Hailey and Kaitlin played piano.
Kaitlin and Karlie also tried their hand at singing.  Well, lets just say playing the violin and piano are their strong suits.  LOL
After the lovely performance they got to open their Christmas PJs.
Which is always followed by a painful but traditional family picture session.  Only took 386 this time!
Such a wonderful and beautiful day getting ready for the best day of the year!

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