To the delight of the kids Holly found her way back to our house for the month of December.  She was sure to watch over the kids and report back to Santa on their behavior.
 Siri does not enjoy the return of Holly quite the same way.  I fear for Holly's life if she were ever to end up at Siri's level.
 Holly always starts out sweet enough, just moving from place to place.  Every morning the two little ones would eagerly search for where she had moved to.
 But as Christmas approaches Holly seems to have a naughty elf side that kicks in.
 One night she drew mustaches on everyones faces.  That Sharpe does not come off!  I really wish she would use washable markers.
 I love the wonder she brings to the house.
 Hank wants to touch her so badly! :)
 They were thrilled when Holly TPed the house.  Didn't she know we were down to our last roll of toilet paper?
 She can make quite a mess!
 I was worried when I woke up and found this that the marker would stain the toilet.  With enough 409 the Ho Ho HO Who Has To Go was gone!
 She made snow angles in sprinkles, she turned the milk green,  and she got into the marshmallows.
 But some nights she could be so sweet like the night she had a slumber party under the tree with Hank or the night she was holding baby Jesus in the manger.
I do love Christmas and our sweet and a little naughty Holly that comes to make it all the more magical.

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