On Sunday I got to cross running a half marathon race off my bucket list and 2017 goals!
 My best buddy Aimee and I have been training for the last three months to get ready for the big race.  She had run a half in her college days and really wanted to do it again.  She was hoping to finish in under two hours while I was just hoping to finish!  LOL  I aimed for a 10 min/mile.
At the 3 mile mark we were near a 9 min/mile pace and I told her to go for it, there was no way I could keep that pace.  It took some strong convincing.  I told her I was going to sit down and wait for her to get running.   Finally, she agreed to run her best race and not wait around for the turtle!
I had a rough January for training.  We got the flu for the first week and I didn't do a single run.  Then the next weekend Karlie had a tournament in Tucson so I only got one 6 mile run in.  Then I got back into training and did a 13 mile run the Sunday before my race.  However, the Wednesday before the race I hurt my hip playing tennis and had to just rest completely in hopes of being ok by Sunday.  I was still pretty tight in my hip on Sunday but ran it off.  By the 6th mile my opposite knee was killing me.  I must have been over compensating.  By mile 12 I was really limping along.  However, the kids, Max and Aimee's family were all at the end cheering me on.  The little kids and Aimee jumped on the course to help encourage me to sprint to the end!  It was the best part of the race for sure!!  I even had enough gas to sprint.  :)  My greatest fear would be that I had nothing left and would have to walk across the finish line.
Kaitlin made the sweetest sign for me telling me no matter what I am first place in her mind.  They were all so supportive as I put in a lot of time running.  On my long run days I was pretty worthless for the rest of the day.  Max and the kids picked up my slack and never once got annoyed at me running.  In fact they always pumped me up before my runs.  I am so grateful for their support and love.
I finished 13.1 miles in 2:12:41.  I was 127th out of 319 racers and 21st out 45 in my age group.  I averaged a 10:07 min/mile.  So close!  But I am never, ever, ever doing it again.
 Afterward we all went to our favorite breakfast joint.  I had the best build your own bloody Mary and a giant breakfast burrito!  I didn't think once about the calories.
I just kept smiling as I thought how I will never, ever run that far again at one time.  13.1 Check!

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