2017 Resolutions

Time sure just keeps marching on.  I always set goals.  I believe in setting them and more often than not I achieve them.  They give me inspiration to be the best version of myself.  It is all too easy to just let life happen to you rather than make your life happen.  The hours, days, weeks and years continue to pass and I hope to have little flickers of pause in the time line of my life.  
I tend to review my New Year's goals around Thanksgiving to make sure I am on track to meet them all.  It seems I was a bit prophetic in last year's goal of aiming to take better care of my skin.  In April I discovered I had skin cancer and had it removed.  So I think that would be failing on that goal.  However, the doctor told me that the damage was likely done when I was a child and that the cancer had been their for a while.  Cancer is not something anyone wants to hear.  Thankfully, if you are going to get any cancer, the type of skin cancer I had is cured 99% of the time by cutting it out.  We are hopeful I am in that 99%!  It has been a great motivator for me to protect the kids' skin and mine even more.  We should buy stock in a sunscreen company. :)  Along with sunscreen I have been trying numerous anti aging, wrinkle reversing, time stopping, fountain of youth creams.  With not much luck.  Time has a way of leaving its mark and I guess my smile lines will just have to be proof of a happy life.
My next gaol was to hike Havasupai Falls.  Apparently we were not the only ones that wanted to hike it.  You can read about how difficult it is to obtain a permit here.  We began calling the first day phone lines were open in February to try to get reservations to stay at the Indian Reservation.  We were met with continuous busy signals.  My friend and I would take turns calling day after day.  Days turned into months.  We nearly gave up and then one day in June my friend got through!  However, they were booked until next June!  No chance to hike it in 2016 but we are all set to hike it this June!
 We set out to tackle more states for our Family 50.  In 2016 we visited Washington, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri!  We are down to only eight states!
For 2017 we are hoping to finish off the main land and visit Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and see the Big Apple!
My final goal was the spend the year trying to see as much of our family members as we could.
 We got to go to Grand Lake, CO with my parents, and two of my sisters and their families.
We then got to visit my Aunt Kathleen and see two of her daughters and their new babies.  All sorts of cousins!

 My sweet niece got to stay with us for a weekend for lots of cousin love.
We went to visit my sister in Redding, CA.  It was great to see them in their new house.
 Then we drove down to visit Aunt Anna in Chico!  We had a great time hanging out with her.
As we continued down California we stopped at Pops and Nana's house and got to visit with Max's cousin Alex and his family.
 My parents and younger sister came out with her family later in the summer.  My grandpa came over and we had four generations!  Later in the summer my cousin Christy came out with her son and we got to visit with them.  Hank and Christain were two peas in a pod!
 In October we drove up to Seneca, Kansas to visit my Great Aunt Eilleen.  For Christmas my Uncle Terry and his family came out to visit my grandpa so we were able to see them too.
We didn't manage to get to Southern California to visit Max's Grandma, Uncles and cousins.  We also didn't get out to Michigan to see his brother and family.  I guess we need to leave some goals for 2017!
This is Max and my year to turn the big 40!  I think I am definitely getting that midlife crisis bug and have accordingly set some outrageous goals for the year. :)

I want to run a half marathon.  There is surely no time like the present.  These knees and feet are just getting older, more creaky and slower.  If I am ever going to get a half marathon off my bucket list.  This is the year!
Along with finally getting to hike to Havasupai Falls, Max and I are going to attempt hiking the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim... in one day!  It will be 24 miles with 5,850 ft of elevation down and then 4,460ft of elevation gain to hike out.  To get ready we have a handful of other major hikes in the area to cross off our list.  This is a serious hike and less than 1% of the millions of people that visit the Grand Canyon ever do it.  So, I may get my first helicopter ride too when they have to rescue me.  Better double up on the health and life insurance.

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