End of the Year Treat

After Christmas Grammy and Grandpa came for a visit.  It is so nice to hang out when the kids are off school and we can play.
We all went to my Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne's house for a Christmas dinner.  Unfortunately my 91 year old Grandpa is having some pain issues so my mom spent much of the trip trying to get him feeling better and into a rehab place for his back pain.
 But one afternoon we went and hit some balls at the driving range!
 It was just the comic relief we all needed after the holidays and with the worry about Great Grandpa.
 We could be featured on 100 things not to do while hitting a golf ball!
 Hailey did best at posing.  Karlie's head of her driver flew off the club.  Hank was taking chunks out of the fake grass!  Kaitlin had more strike outs than a perfectly pitched baseball game and I just about threw my back out.
Max on the other hand actually could hit the ball pretty well.  Big surprise.  Something else Max can do.  :)
 It was a beautiful winter day in Scottsdale with lots of laughter and fun.

Getting In and Out Burger for dinner was the perfect ending to a great trip.

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