Happy 91st Birthday Grandpa!

On January 12th by Grandpa celebrated his 91st birthday.  It definitely will not be remembered as one of his best.  He has a pinched nerve in his back that is giving him terrible pain.  So far no one has been able to figure out what is causing it or how to alleviate it.  He had been living independently until the pain became too severe for him to manage.  At the rehab facility they can administer pain medication and are trying to help him with physical therapy.
He was so happy to see me.  My Aunt who lives near him had come down with the flu and the facility banned my Uncle from visiting for fear of bringing the virus into the rehab facility.  If I could have given my Grandpa anything it would have been to be pain free.  I tried giving him back rubs, seeing if I could get him on his side and put pressure on the spot, but nothing worked.  If anything I probably made it worse. He did manage to eat a bite of cake and share it with others at his table.  But not a happy day.  They are the toughest generation and have weathered so many difficult times.  To see him suffering so much at the end of his life is terrible.  I am praying he is pain free soon and get back to watching football games at the high school and hitting the Casino.

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