New Year's Day of New

One of the things the kids love most about going on our States Trips are staying in the hotels with free breakfast.  They especially love the waffle machine.  Hank is never able to participate because the waffles have eggs in them.  For Christmas the kids got Max a fancy flip waffle maker just like the ones in the hotel.  We had to try it for our day of new things.  They turned out perfect and Hank loved the eggless ones.  Doesn't look like 2017 is going to be a health conscious year in our house.

 Karlie is a big cheese fan.  She always wants to try exotic cheeses.  This year we tried a raspberry bellavitano, cranberry & cinnamon goat cheese, and a habanero cheese.  The cranberry and cinnamon was a bit strange but the raspberry bellavitano was delicious.  The habanero about blew my tongue off!  It was even too hot for Max to eat much of.
 My sister Mel and her family sent us a new Pictionary game.  I am not sure we have ever played it as a family.  It was really fun but not exactly fair for the team that didn't get Hailey.
 Kaitlin loves to bake, so for Christmas Hailey got her a macaroon baking kit.  Together they made macaroons.  It was the first time any of us had eaten a macaroon!
 We also tried out Hank's virtual reality goggles.  It was so strange.
 We got a kick out of watching each other experience the roller coaster ride.
 Kaitlin and I are sensitive to motion and both get car sick, so after a few minutes of virtual reality we were both feeling sick to our stomach and happy to watch everyone else.
 Hank was quite entertaining and could do it over and over.

Everyone got foam pop guns so of course we had to have a family game of capture the flag/assassin.  I am proud to say my team won!
As the night wore on we played the new version of Just Dance and had a family dance off.
Even Daddy cut a rug.  We were sweating by the end of it.  Finally got to work of some of the waffles and cheese.
For our new clothes, all the ladies had new work out clothes to wear.  Hank had a new Patrick Peterson jersey and Max wore a new hat that Karlie got him.
Our new movie was the Big Friendly Giant.
It was so bad we couldn't finish it.  The kids asked if they could go to bed halfway through it.
Despite the movie being a bust we had a wonderful day of new playing, eating and talking about what we want to accomplish in 2017!

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