Rocky Start to 2017

On Monday, the 2nd, Max and I started not feeling great.  We tried to pass it off on too much drinking and eating bad food over the holidays.  It was time to clean up our act and start the new year right!  However, by Tuesday morning it was clear we were sick, but we still tried to convince ourselves it was just a bad cold.  Max had to leave work early that afternoon with a high fever and when I picked Hank up from school he said he was feeling terrible.  By that evening the flu had set in with fevers, chills, aches pains and coughs.
 The three of us were laid out for a full week.
 Hank's best buddy from school came down with it a few days later and went to the doctor and learned it was Type A flu.  Interestingly Max was the only one in the family to get the flu shot and it took him the longest to recover.  Thankfully the girls never came down with it.  We spent many hours fitfully sleeping with fever and chills that even medicine couldn't control.
When mom gets sick she still has to take care of everyone.  It was like a zombie apocalypse walking around doing the littlest things for the boys like getting them tissues and tea.  Thankfully the girls were great at picking up my slack and making their lunches and helping make dinner. 
 However, everything else got put on hold, so I am just now digging out and getting life back on track.  We basically lost the first week of 2017.  But we are finally all healthy and running full steam ahead.

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