Fast and Furious February!

With less than a week of February left I realized I have not posted once in the entire month!  February has been a busy and fun month. I am not sure I can keep up with the Fast and Furious pace!
 To kick of the the month we started the 1st off going to The Waste Management Phoenix Open Bird's Nest for a country concert.  The TPC is known for its craziness more than for it's golf.  It is often referred to the wasted management open as so many spring breakers come and get smashed in the sun.  We did our best to hang with the college kids on a school night.  But I must report you just don't bounce back the way you use to.  Five am came very early after staying out until 1am!
 We are still having fun with National Days.  Hank was so thrilled to see the return of the carrot cake.
 One Friday we had Hank's buddy and a gaggle of girls over for pizza and playing.
 We really didn't care either way about the Super Bowl this year but we will always use and excuse to celebrate and eat food!  Karlie made this super cute football field for the center piece.
 Max made the standard grinder that is always super.
 Every year the 5th grade class does a Living History presentation where the students research an American that has impacted our country.  They research the person, dress up as them, and give a short biography to all the parents and 4th grade class.  Kaitlin was Betsy Ross.  I love this project and how into it the kids get.
Karlie's best friend since Kindergarten came out for a soccer tournament the following weekend.  These girls are so cute.  They get together and you would never know 6 and half years has passed since we moved.  They pick up right where they left off.
 They play different sports 1000 miles apart but ended up with the same team bags.  Karlie had fun playing hookie to hang out with sweet Marley.
 The same weekend Marley was here friends from Canada were here working and visiting.  We had a fun night at Top Golf.  Those Canadians killed us.  Pretty embarrassing that we can't beat Canadians at golf.  It would be like us beating them at hockey.  :)
 The same weekend as our Canadian and Colorado visitors it was our turn to host Karlie's Club team building event.  Every month the girls get together to do a team activity outside of practice and games.  We organized a pizza lunch and mall photo scavenger hunt.
They had an hour to find 13 things (they are 13s team) that related to their team such as their colors black and red, a volleyball, the number 13, something that started with each of the letters of their names, and so and so forth.  They had to take a picture but each girl from the team had to be in one of the pictures and then they had to get three team pictures.  With the less than half the month over I was feeling like we had packed in over two months of fun.

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