Valentine's Day

Max had to travel to Colorado for a week in February.  It happened to be the same week that Monty was having knee replacement surgery here at Mayo Clinic.  It also fell over Valentine's Day.  We realized we had not spent a Valentine's Day apart since our freshman year in college!  He is still in hot water for not sending me flowers.  :)
 Luckily, I had plenty of love to go around with all my sweethearts.  We were very happy that Pops had been released from the hospital and his knee was on the mend.
It was definitely a day full of sweetness.  It started with pink heart shaped pancakes and some sweet nothings for my Valentines.  For dinner we celebrated with our usual crab legs, pasta, artichokes and salad.  The day would not be complete without chocolate cake and strawberries!
I certainly missed my Valentine but my heart runneth over with all the love of the day.

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