A Day of Surprises!

Max took the day off work for his birthday.  I had a day full of surprises in store for him!
First up was a pedicure.  I figured it was time for Max to have his first pedicure.  I imagined them getting the mini grinder out to go after his calloused feet.  To my shock they spent more time removing dead skin off my running callouses than on his feet!
After the pedicure I took him a spring training game.  It was so fun to play hookie while the kids were at school.  We sat in the warm sun and watched the Dbacks crush the dodgers 15-3!
When we got home the kids had set my room for Max to go outfit shopping.  I had bought multiple shirts and pants (Max hates to shop) to choose an outfit for his next surprise. The kids got dressed up like we were all going somewhere.  I told him we had an appointment and to be ready for a fun night.  Then our friends started showing up one by one.
After everyone arrived we sang Happy Birthday and went outside where the party bus awaited us.  I had stocked it for the evenings activities.  Another first for Max, being on a party bus!
Max is an active guy so I planned and Amazing Race themed night where we would race around Scottsdale performing challenges with the guys against the girls.  The price for loosing each challenge was drinks or physical activities.  Each person could choose.  :)
 Max received the yellow envelopes with the clues and had to figure out where to go.  Since he is over the hill now, I decided to have a night of returning to youth and acting like he was a kid or at least a college kid for one night!
The first challenge was to go to CrackerJax adventure park to race Go Karts.  It was guys against girls.  First person to cross the finish line won for the team.  I dusted Max!  The boys all took a shot of Fireball.  :)
 Back at the bus Max had to reveal the next clue.  It was time to whack some balls off the top deck of the driving range.  We grabbed the two clubs I brought and headed up after getting 40 balls for each team.  After each person took 5 swings they had to choose their best swinger to compete in a silly challenge.
1.  Furthest hit
2.  Best wind up like a pro golfer
3.  Best yelling FORty
4.  Hit the ball with your eyes closed
5.  Best swing while your team sings Happy Birthday to Max.
The guys were beating us until the final round where the ladies pulled out all the stops to win bonus points and win the match!  We can sing so much better than the boys.
The next clue led him to the playground by our house where each team had to act like kids again.  Everyone had to slide down the slide backward, face first and then all together.
 I went first and almost knocked myself out when I hit my head.  I had to laugh the next morning when I had a bump on the back of my head.  A sure sign of a fun night!
Then one player had to push a teammate on the swings and do and underdog!
Two people had to hang upside down on the monkey bars for 30 seconds. 
Finally everyone had to go 8 seconds on the spring horses!
I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.  The girls completed the challenge first!
 The next clue led us to the grocery store where each team had to choose their best shopper.  I had two bags that had women's clothing including giant bras and granny panties from the goodwill and a $20 in it.  They had to get dressed with all the items and run in the store and buy 4 items that spelled MAX 40!  These two were such great sports they had us all rolling in laughter as they raced though the store gathering embarrassing items. Luckily it was later at night and the grocery attendant found us humorous and did not call the cops at the crazy lady and the drag queen.
Once again the ladies won!  It was looking like the boys might have a headache in the morning.
 The final clue took Max to a Coyote Ugly style saloon where girls dance on the bar in daisy dukes.  En route Max and a girl team member had to play chubby bunny, yet another throwback to our youth. Max crushed the competition, so it was time for the ladies to pay up.  At the bar the funnest part was watching the guys try to out punch each other for the top score on the punching bag game.  You would have thought their family name rested on getting the high score.  The clock struck midnight and it was time for me to round everyone up and have them dropped off safely at home.  We had one of the funnest nights of our lives and I was so grateful to all our friends, many who were leaving early the next morning for spring break vacations, that came out and were willing to act like silly children for a night.  If his first day of being 40 is any indication, I think 40 is going to be fabulous.

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