Club Craziness

Karlie's club team had three tournaments and a team building event in February. That is a lot of volleyball and part of why I can't seem to catch up on the blog.
 Over the Martin Luther King weekend she had a 3 day festival at the Cardinal's stadium.  Every morning we had to be there at 7 am!
 Her team did excellent and finished 8th in the entire 13's division that had over 100 teams playing from all over the nation!
 She is improving so much and I think I am gaining some callouses on my rear from so many hours on the bleachers.
 I do enjoy the one on one time we get to spend together and watching her play.  They took first in their division in the last tournament and I find myself getting lightheaded on the close matches since I tend to hold my breath during the volleys.  Long term this might not be a healthy choice for me.  I am going to have to practice being a spectator.
 The tournaments can be anywhere from Tucson to Flagstaff which means we get in a fair amount of driving.  It was nice to be able to swing by and visit my Grandpa after one tournament in Glendale.
 Maybe if I got a laptop, I could keep up with blogging on the sidelines and practice my breath control!
I love Karlie's sparkle on and off the court!

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