Finishing Off February

Over the long Martin Luther King weekend Hailey went to the mountains for our Church's winter youth camp retreat.  She had been excited and anticipating it for months.  What is better than going to camp with all your best friends and no parents?
 She had a great time and came home completely physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted.  She is already looking forward to the summer beach camp.
 In honor of President's Day Hank's class did a patriotic play where they had to memorize and recite lines about America's beginning.
They sang You're A Grand Old Flag and God Bless America.  Hank was so funny.  He came home and told me how upset he was that he was in the very back for the dancing to You're A Grand Old Flag.  Trying to sooth him I said, "well maybe your teacher put the taller kids in the back."  He refuted, "No! Sage is the tallest person in the class and she is in the very front."  He then said, "I am a good dancer, I should be in the front."  Apparently Hank got my dancing jeans... Where just because we like to dance, does not mean we are good at it!

It is one of my favorite plays they do.  I just love their school.
 After a couple weeks of rest, relaxation and physical therapy Pops and his excellent nurse were flight worthy and ready to head home.  A celebration indeed of a successful new knee for Pops!
 Apparently all of our good behavior flew home with them because the next night a food fight ensued.
For the final day in February we had to really go wild for Fat Tuesday!  We had Jambo, King Cake soda, a modified eggless King Cake, and of course lots of beads and dancing.  I feel like our Mardi Gras celebration is always the kick off for our wild and fun spring of birthdays to come.  The kids love the cake and hoping to be the one that gets the baby.
 This year again no one got it the first night, so it was with the last piece of cake served to Max that the coveted baby was found!  I guess he is making the cake next year.
February was a crazy month, however I think it was just the warm up for spring!

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