Happy 13th Birthday Karlie

Happy 13th Birthday Karlie!
We are so lucky to have you as our daughter!  I think this is your lucky 13th year!  Here are 13 words that  describe you:
1.  Smart
2.  Beautiful 
3.  Sparkles
4.  Volleyball Lover
5.  Caring
6.  Driven
7.  Leader
8.  Green
9.  Loving
10.  Excellent sister
11.  Future Notre Dame Grad :)
12.  Cool Camping Chick
13.  Lucky
You are growing into a beautiful young lady that makes us very proud.  We love watching you play volleyball and your zest for life!  You are the life of the party that sparkles everywhere you go.  Your siblings are blessed to have such a loving and caring sister that has taught them so much.  We know you can reach any goal you set your mind to with your drive and leadership.  Your green, sparkling eyes remind us how lucky we are that God chose us to be your mom and dad.  We can't believe you are a teenager when it seems just yesterday we were holding you in arms.  You have brought good luck from the day you were born and we can't wait to see what your future holds.  We sure love you Karks!

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