How Karlie Spent Her 13th Birthday

Karlie's birthday is always especially fun to celebrate since it lands on St. Patrick's Day.  Everyone is in the mood to celebrate.
 Her breakfast request was green pancakes.  Max made a special clover cake with berries for her.
 The kids set up the Leprechaun photo booth.
 She woke up to 13 green balloons!
Kona coffee is all the rage at high school and middle school so I took to her to get the coveted Tsunami drink.  We call it the cancer drink and don't let her get them except special occasions.  It is an energy drink with tea and flavored syrup.  She was thrilled that since it was her birthday it was free.
 As if to leave no doubt that Karlie is growing up and a full fledged teenager, it was accentuated on our annual trip to the Fountain Hills Fountain.  Every year at lunch time they turn the fountain a brilliant green.  This year Karlie wanted to stay at school to be celebrate with her friends.  We have lost another one to the peer group. :(
 But we had a jolly good time ditching school and work like naughty leprechauns.  It seemed the fountain was extra green this year.  It is such a fun tradition.  I wonder if in 5 years if it will be just Max and me having lunch at the fountain.

 That evening Max and I had a few special drinks of our own to celebrate.
 I guess I was Mexican-Irish for a day.
Every year the 3rd graders at the kids' school are given a tiny cabbage plant and encouraged to see if they can grow the biggest one.  Hank tended lovingly to his cabbage for two months.  He really wanted to win the scholarship.  I think he did a great job!  He definitely didn't get my black thumb.
 We decided it was the perfect night to harvest it for our traditional corn beef and cabbage dinner.
 It was so huge we needed a second pot!
 Add some shamrock mac-n-cheese, green milk (only kids can think that is yummy!), and a Guinness and we were feeling pretty lucky.
 Nana sent us some tattoos so we had fun getting temporary tattoos.
 The luck of the Irish was all around!
 Finally it was presents time!
Karlie's big present was new violin.  She had outgrown her beginner one.
 She played us a little Irish jig.
She wanted brownies and ice cream instead of cake.
Her birthday is a reflection of who she is: lucky, green, happy, sparkling, celebratory.  We are so proud of her and know she will be successful where ever she is determined to go.  May all your dreams and wishes come true Sparkle.

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