Karlie's 13th Birthday Party

Middle school is a rough age.  Kids transitioning from children to teens seems to bring out the worst in people.  Prior to Karlie's birthday a friend of hers had a party and she was treated so horrible for not inviting certain people to her party.  You have to have a limit and this girl invited 20 people.  Teen girls feelings are easily hurt which turns into rage and her friend felt it for a long time.  After seeing how hurtful people in her class were she did not even want to have a party to avoid all the drama.  We convinced her to do a little something.
She decided to have just her two closest friends for a secret party.  No social media allowed!  We went to an escape room.  Unfortunately they had messed up one of the key unlocks and we were not able to complete the challenge.  They said we could come back and try another room for free but that did little for our experience that day.
After the failed escape room we headed to In and Out for dinner.  It is always a good time.  We giggled as the teens sat at their own table being silly.
 Karlie set up a spa themed evening where the girls swam and pampered themselves.
 She deserved to be pampered after working all day on her own cake.  She loves to bake and wanted to make a fancy cake all on her own.  Aside from a little help making the fondant, she did the entire cake herself!
 While it was not the big bash for 13 that I would have liked to throw her, I am impressed with her maturity and saddened the kids are so mean at this age.  Karlie has always been a no drama girl.  She has left friend groups and decided it was better to be alone than to be involved in drama.  She is a strong and determined young lady and is capable and confident in who she is.  I don't think I was as secure in myself until my 30s!  :)

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