Spring Break!

Our spring was so crazy it will take me all summer to catch up!
We kicked off spring break by going to a spring training game.  This time we thought it would be fun to ride our bikes the 8.5 miles to the park.  The ride there was a piece of cake because is it slightly down hill.
 It was a lovely overcast day.  We lounged on the grass and ate our share of ballpark treats while watching the Dbacks win!
However, the ride home was a little long.  But we were so proud of the kids for pushing on for a 17 mile roundtrip ride with only a little complaining. :)
Karlie and Hank were very disappointed they were not going to get to go on the annual desert camping trip this year so we decided to take the whole family up camping.
The kids were shocked to see water flowing in the desert.  We found a beautiful spot next to a stream.  We followed the stream as far as we could go.  Kids love water!  When we got back to camp Max bet the kids $20 they couldn't set up the tent alone.  We kicked backed and laughed so hard it hurt as we watched them learn to work together and the joys of setting up a tent.  Max said it was the best $20 he  has spent as he didn't have to touch the tent and instead got to laugh while watching the kids learn to work together.
It was the perfect weather for chilling. 
Everyone got to do a little target practice with BB gun or hand gun.
 Our camping pup loved being out with us, but one time she loved the freedom a little too much and for a few scary minutes we thought she was lost forever.  Then finally we saw her running toward camp!  After that we kept her on a leash.
She is such a princess, the cab of the truck was the only place she would lie down.
 We learned that night that we might have been a bit premature in our camping adventure as the temperature neared freezing and everyone was miserably cold all night.  It didn't help that Siri was too afraid or cold to go out of the tent and peed all over the floor of the tent.  In the morning the kids thought they were stepping in condensation from the night, when it became clear errr yellow that it was indeed pee!  ACK!  Luckily part of the $20 was packing up the tent too!
Overall it was a great camping trip and we are looking forward to trying it in the fall.
Karlie had another volleyball tournament where they placed first in their division!  It was extra special because Grammy got to watch her win.
 On the last day of spring break Kaitlin was invited to a Mom and Me Make-up date.  We learned all about make up and the ladies showed us how to put on make-up.  The girls said I looked like Barbie and none of them liked me with all that make-up.  As I took off the layers of make-up Sunday night and fell into bed, I thought we shouldn't call it Spring Break, but Spring GO!

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