40 Is going To Be A Home Run

 Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out.  When I learned Max's entire family was going to make it out to celebrate his 40th, I knew we had to take everyone to a spring training game.  They were going to arrive very early on Saturday morning, just in time to watch the last Spring Training Game of the season!  I prayed for good weather.  Sometimes it can be brutally hot.  I just wanted some clouds so everyone could kick back on the grass and catch up.
Hailey had been up late with her girlfriends and was all about relaxing, so much she fell asleep!  It was indeed a most perfect afternoon on the grass with clouds and cool temperatures.  If only the airlines had cooperated.  Sam and his family's plane was delayed and would not arrive until after the game.  Nana, Pops and Anna made it though!
 After the game we headed home to greet Sam and family.
It was so great having everyone in the same room.  Their family has not all been together in over 10 years!
 You would never know.  The cousins picked up like they were old friends and AJ was more than happy to snuggle with Uncle Max. :)
We had a nice evening celebrating Max and reconnecting.
We had a bubble gum blowing contest with the gum.
 I don't think 40 is going to blow after all!

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