BRO's Weekend

I knew our spring was going to be busy but it was really busy!  One week after Max's family left my sister Chrysti and her family came to visit for their spring break.  My other sister Melanie and her family decided since they had Good Friday off they would come for the weekend too!
 When Max knew two of my sisters would be in town he decided to throw me a surprise party!  He was at work on Friday and we were all hanging out waiting for him to get home so we could go to In and Out.  Or so I thought.  He texted me around 4pm to start getting ready for an active birthday night out!
 We got in the car and headed south.  It took me a while to realize we were going to go to the Scottsdale Party Bike.  I had seen one when we were downtown before and told him how fun I thought it would be.
 I was even more shocked to see many of our friends waiting for us!  Such a sneaky guy.  One of my girlfriends bought a Birthday Girl sash and crown.
 Took me back to my Miss Teen Northern California days.  LOL
 Max even ordered 40th birthday cold can koozies.  On the party bike everyone sits at a bar and they pedal to make the party bus go.  You are allowed to bring your own beer and wine.  The bike takes you to three bars downtown.
 As the birthday girl I got to sit in the back like a queen as everyone peddled us to our destination.  I could get use to this princess status.

 I had a wonderful night celebrating with my friends and family.
After the party bike, Max had uber waiting to take us to Top Golf.
That is where I really got to embarrass myself.  I can hardly hit the ball stone cold sober, add a few drinks and I decided it was a dancing venue rather than a golf swing.  Luckily the VIP took over for me.
We had so much fun!  Between Max and my birthday we definitely got to pretend like we were not 40 for a night or two.  However, the following mornings taught us otherwise.
 We named it BRO's weekend.  It was for sure a Big Rowdy Outing!  40 is looking pretty good!!

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