Budding Professional Artist

Hailey's passion for creating art is leading to commissioned projects and works for the church.
 Our pastor asked her to create the pamphlet art for the Luke trough lent series leading up to Easter and the Student Life pastor asked her to create art for their series Of Dust & Rib!
 She continues to teach her self in Procreate on the iPad so that her digital art is really getting great.
 However, I think her colored pencil drawing of Twenty One Pilots is her best to date.
She has done art for promotional gear for a restaurant in town, done a pregnancy cartoon book for an expecting couple, and a portrait of grandchildren for a friend of ours.  Every time she gets paid she sends Pops a text showing him "there is no money in art"!  LOL
 She was show cased in the district art show for the fourth year in a row in both painting and color pencil.

It is clear she has the passion and talent to create beautiful works of art.  We can't wait to see where she takes it.

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