Hank's 9th Birthday

It is never as much fun when your birthday falls on a school day as it is when it falls on the weekend.  For breakfast Hank had Daddy oatmeal.  He got to open his present from Grammy and Grandpa.  As a huge Steph Curry fan he was thrilled to get more gear!
With Hank's allergies he can only buy hot lunch on Tuesdays when it is pizza.  It is his favorite lunch to have and as luck would have it, his birthday was on Tuesday!
After school I took him for a special ice cream treat.
 We were suppose to have piano lessons and a baseball game that night but canceled everything to celebrate with our boy.  He wanted seared honey ham, Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, and artichokes.
 He helped design his cake.  He was all about the sprinkles.
Hank is such a joy to have in our family.  He brings a boisterous, loving, sweet, and funny element to our family.  He tries very hard to please people and has a big old spot in his heart for his mama.  :)  I treasure these years because they are the golden age of parenting.  Love you to the moon a millions time little buddy.

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