Kaitlin's 11th Birthday Party

 After nearly a week of celebrating Max's birthday, I had Friday to get ready for Kaitlin's birthday party!
Luckily for me she just wanted a pool party and a few games.
 She still wanted a piñata. 
Then she had an obstacle course race set up.
 They had to climb the rope, then run to the tree house and zipline down, jump in the pool and swim across and bat a water balloon.
 Kaitlin really just wanted to play with her friends.
 These parties are getting so easy.  Everyone can swim and they entertain themselves.
 This is such a sweet group of girls.  Contrasting the way Karlie felt at her birthday with the angst of middle school drama versus the sweet and carefree feeling of 5th grade made me sad these girls will be entering middle school.  I have come to think that K-6th is the way to go.  These girls could all stay sweet a little longer.
But I had to giggle as they goofed around putting water balloons in their swim suits and imitating bathing suit models.  They sure want to grow up.
 Kaitlin had never had a cookie cake and really wanted one.  With the week we had I just didn't have time to try and make one so Paradise Bakery to the rescue!  When we went to pick up the the cookie they didn't have a box so they gave it to us free!!  I am liking this buying a cake thing more and more.
 Kaitlin's birthday was much like her, sweet, easy going, and happy.

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