Kaitlin's 11th Birthday

 Kaitlin and her best friend share the same birthday and were only born a few minutes apart!  Melina and Kaitlin have always had a special bond.  They are also both the 3rd born.  After Kaitlin's birthday party she went home with Melina to celebrate Melina's birthday.
The next morning on both of their 11th birthdays they got to fly!!
iFly is indoor simulated skydiving arena.  After taking a class to learn how best to fly and hand signals, you get to feel like you are flying for 2 minutes.
 Kaitlin loved it!!
To get ready for our May Rim 2 Rim hike Max and I snuck away every chance we could to get in miles hiking.  We got up at 5am to hike the Flat Irons in Mesa.

I wanted to be back by noon when Kaitlin would be home so we hiked at a forced march pace.
 It was my favorite hike I have done in Arizona.
 The scenery was breathtaking and the hike had bouldering and incredible views as your reward.
 It was a steep hike with a gain of 3100 feet over 5.5 miles.  We did the roundtrip 11 miles in 4 hours. Mama was on a mission to get home to her birthday girl!
 My two best buddies, Max and Aimee.
 Kaitlin went out to lunch with Melina and her family.
Our responsible gal decide to work on her science experiment.  She wanted to see if SPF levels protected banana peels like human skin.  Her hypothesis was that the higher SPF would protect the banana's peel the most resulting in a less brown peel after 2 hours in the sun.  Oddly, the lower SPF seemed to protect the peel more.  Further scientific studies are needing federal funding to figure out why SPF acts differently on human skin than on banana peels.  :)
 This year for her birthday dinner she wanted Chicken Alfredo and fruit salad.
I finally got to make her a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  I think this is going to be 1 very special year for our sweet Kaitlin.

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