Launching Into His 40's With A Splash

On Sunday we climbed to the top of Baby Mountain with the cousin crew.
It was quite the different terrain for them.  Sam tried to pick up a biting rock and learned everything in the desert is covered with thorns!  That wouldn't be his last tango with the desert's hostile ways.
It was a fun and quick hike.
The thermometer was rising so it was time to play in the pool.
Life is better by the pool. :)
Lots of splashing, launching and playing!
With kids all you have to do is add water.
Well, maybe a few inner tubes help.
Spencer piled them all up and jumped in!  Not as easy as it looks.  :)
 The kids played Speak Out, the silly game that has you wear a dental spreader and try to say difficult phrases and see if your teammate can guess what you are trying to say.
 They looked so funny.  I couldn't convince any of the adults to try it.  Can't imagine why.
 I guess they didn't have enough fun shoving stuff in their mouth so that night after dinner they played chubby bunny and challenged each other to see who could fit the most marshmallows in their mouth.
 The top amount was 12 marshmallows!  I knew my kids had big mouths.  :)
 After a super Sunday fun day, Max went to work on Monday while the Michigan gang set off for the Grand Canyon. Max was able to sneak away for a lunch date with Anna, Nana, Pops and me.  Monday gave me a day to prepare for the next two days of celebrating!

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