Midlife Crisis For A Day

On Tuesday the Corvette showed up for the day!  It might have been his favorite present, but it was for sure MY favorite present!!
Max gave everyone a joy ride and then I got to take her out for a spin.  I think it was like playing with fire.  Instead of satisfying a desire it fueled the flame.  We both had way to much fun driving it.  I did my best to get a speeding ticket.  The following morning before they came to pick up the car I took out for a scenic drive toping out at 90mph.  I mean if you are going to get a speeding ticket, which I never have in my whole life, what better way than in a convertible, red corvette.  I probably would have framed the ticket.  But as luck would have it no cops were around to catch me.  I think for the safety of our future we can never own one of these cars!
With a big group it can be hard to find things everyone likes to do and can do.  Everyone likes to bike and I really wanted Anna to be able to come with us if she wanted to.  I was able to rent a hand cycle so she could join us in the bike circus.
It was pretty cool to take an entire family bike ride except for Hailey who was at school.
After Hailey got home from school we headed to Crackerjaxs.  I tired to race Max in the corvette but the Jeep just couldn't keep up as hard as I tried.
We got in many laughs watching the kids whack golfballs.  I think it is safe to say we don't have any future for pro golfers coming out of this family.  :)
Next was a cousins bumper boat battle.
 They got soaking wet!
 They were the only ones out there so the guy let them stay our for a while and it looked like Karlie and Owen had gone swimming.
 Hailey and Spencer managed to stay fairly dry while the rest of them were freezing cold after the bumper boat bash!
They got especially chilled racing around in the go karts.
After a fun afternoon at the park it was time to head home for a family poker match.
Max and Anna had matching Ray-Ban style sunglasses.  Their future is so bright they gotta wear shades.
We drew names out of a hat to divide the family into two poker pools.
Nana thought she was pretty fresh being the overall winner, Owen and Kaitlin raked in a fair amount of dough too. 
  It was a perfect ending to a wild and fun filled day.

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