Open House 2017

Toward the end of the year after all the state testing is completed the kids get to showcase all the work they have done over the year at the school's Open House.
 They are always so excited to show us what they have been working on.
 Mrs. Q will go down as one of the kid's all time favorite teachers.  I am just hoping she doesn't retire before Hank gets to her.  She truly inspires kids to learn to love reading.  Kaitlin read over a million words in her class this year!  Karlie comes with me regularly just so she can visit Mrs. Q.
 Third grade is a big development year for kids.  Hank really worked hard this year becoming an independent learner and learning how to organize his homework and time.
 You know they are enjoying school when they can't wait to show you all their work and explain it.
 Fourth and final year doing layers of the Earth project!  BOOM!
 One of the coolest things they do is dissect owl pellets and try to reconstruct the skeleton of the animal the owl ate.
 Hank had to do a presentation on Henry Box Brown.  He practiced his speech over and over.  He typed, cut out, and glued the project by himself.  He felt very proud of his poster presentation.  I felt proud looking at it as a mom who has gone from basically doing the entire project so it is done right to the mom that doesn't do anything so the kid learns to do it the best they can.  We have both learned a lot in third grade (I had 4 tries at it :).
 After visiting the classrooms each grade had a music performance.  I am always amazed by the patience of teachers in general but none more than a music teacher.  How they can do it all day over and over is amazing.  She orchestrated beautiful songs from each grade with many different instruments and abilities.
 Oh how grateful I am that we are done with recorders!!  I think someone invented those to punish parents.  But magically when they all came together it sounded pretty good, nothing like the hair raising practice at home.  LOL
Our kids have all loved school and I think that reflects on the school.  While Hank will say recess and lunch are his favorite parts of the day, I have never had a kid that hates going to school.  The love of learning is so important for their entire life, it makes me so happy to see a strong foundation being laid. 
 I can not believe that next year I am down to one elementary school age kid. :(

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