Tom's Thumb

 In preparation to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim we needed to put some miles on our feet and legs.  One morning we got up early to do Tom's Thumb.
I had twisted my ankle a little doing Camelback with Aimee on my birthday three days earlier.  Every step it gave me a little sting.  I was trailing behind Max and Aimee pretty far when I met up with a 77 year old man also training for rim to rim.  Harold had hiked from rim to rim four other times in his life but never in one day.  As we walked together and I tried my best to keep up with Harold, I was impressed with the human spirit.  He "got the hiking bug" in his 50's and now at age when many are taking it easy, he was busting his chops to do something few in their peak of life manage.  I got a second wind and managed to catch up with the line leaders.  If Harold can do it, so can I!
It was a slow hike and I couldn't imagine doing it all over again as I would have to make the 25 miles in the Grand Canyon.  I was going to have to be a stronger hiker.  With only a month more to practice, it was time to take a hike!!

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