Birthday Boating

Our best friends' little girl wanted to go boating with our family for her birthday!  She didn't want a party with her friends, she wanted to boat with us.  If I didn't love her already...
Hailey was busy studying for finals and couldn't make it.  We sure missed her. It is strange starting do things without one of your kids. :(  It just always feels like something is not quite right.
 For her birthday present she got this floating island.  We had lots of laughs trying to stay afloat.
 We might have exceeded its weight load because it kept folding like a taco.  Aimee and I tried doing Yoga poses and failed miserably but at least we provided loads of laughter.
 There is something so fun about speeding along the water listening to your favorite tunes.  Buy Me a Boat being one of my favorite.
If our buddies didn't have a boat I might be tempted to get one!
 It is a day of fun for the whole family.
We pulled the kids in the tube, floated, and cruised.
I hope we get invited to Julianna's party next year!!

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